Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. My .NET security book is done, but it's going to need of lot of re-work in the review process...so...well, OK, it's not "done." The other book, which (drum roll please) is a book on CIL, and I'm working on the last chapter. I will get that done by 3/15, and then I'll see what the reviewers say about it. I'm also excited because it looks like Stephen Wolfram's book entitled, "A New Kind of Science," is finally going to hit the shelves May 2002. I think this will be the most important book to read this year, far more than any .NET book that will be published ;). I'm getting my pre-order in tonight (I rarely pre-order books, so that shows how much I want to read this book). I'm also getting a friend of mine to redesign my site to give it a much more appealing look-n-feel. That's the next project once the books are finished.

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