Getting Babies Into Harvard

One thing I've always dreaded with parents is the sometimes-subtle...and sometimes-no-so-subtle..."competition" that goes on. You know, "my child, who's 15 months old, can already read simple words!" "Oh really? Well, my child could start walking at the age of 8 months!" "Yeah, so what? My child was doing algebra at 4 months!" "Whatever, my kid was studying quantum physics while she was still in the womb!!"

My latest example is Hayden and his walking, or lack thereof. He's walking long as he can touch something. So he can scoot along the couch, or a window ledge, etc. He actually stood today for a couple of seconds all by himself, so he should be walking very shortly. He is 15 months, but it's not unusual for a kid to not be walking on their own by his age. But man, some people we've'd think Hayden has serious cognitive and/or physical imparements. Hayden is doing just fine - he's doing flash cards, he loves playing with cards, he could screw the caps off of things months ago, he's crawling all over the place...he's OK. Mention to some people who have kids of their own that he's not walking on his own, though, and Hayden's already destined for asking "do you want fries with that?"

It doesn't...anger me. That's not the right term. "Amazes"...yeah, that's more like it. It "amazes" me that people are that stupid. I know some people have meant well, but, c'mon!

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