Got Some Golfing in This Morning

Even though it was cool and wet this morning, I went golfing anyway. I didn't do too bad: 48-48, which, being the 2nd time out this year, was a good score for me. I tried carrying my clubs today, and I realized I need that double-shoulder harness. I always walk, but I usually use a pull cart. Lately I've noticed that it's becoming an effort to lug that around, so I want to try and carry the bag.

I've also noticed that I'm losing physical flexibility on the golf course (and in life in general). I need to start dedicating more time to stretching as a part of my daily habit. Hopefully that will aid my swing as I feel my swing has become more abrupt and stiff.

* Posted at 04.25.2004 05:30:01 PM CST | Link *

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