Flagged Links #63

"Using one platform to build another [HTML 5's canvas tag implemented using Silverlight!]" - A nice way to use SL to plug a hole in "certain browsers".

"Top 10 UX Myths" - Most of these can be generalized for any software development domain.

"Finally Understanding the Merits of TDD" - It's the "aha!" moment that always tips people over the edge.

"Thoughts on MVVM and Threads" - More MVVM discussions, this time on threading concerns.

"The good and the bad of exception filters" - Diving into the subtleties of filtered exceptions.

"Introduction to Abject-Oriented Programming" - A great snarky article because it's one of those "sad-but-true" writeups.

"Expressive Modes and Species of Language" - One of these technical PDFs I run into that I have to really read slowly.

"Zero Punctuation: 2.5D Hoedown" - I haven't watched this one just yet...but Zero has never failed to entertain.

"What’s the best Process for Development?" - Great article, and I love this quote: If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, try hiring an amateur.

"Queueing Theory In Action, plus, frogs" - There is a good story here, just read it.

"Brilliance From Siggraph: Bokeh-Based Tiny Barcodes" - Wow, these are really cool barcodes.

"Non-Randomness in Coin Flipping" - I've never flipped a coin that landed on edge myself.

"Olivia Louise Peart" - I've saved the best for last. If you know anything about Neil Peart's history, you know just how amazing it is to see him come to this point in his life. Congratulations to Neil and Carrie.

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