Time to Change the Blog Key Around

OK, I gotta start my final run-through, but I just noticed this, and I have to remark on it.

I added a couple of blog entries from Boston tonight, and post them to my sight. No big deal. But I notice that my aggregator is showing duplicates of a couple of posts. What the hell? Oh, then it quickly dawns on me - I'm in a different time zone. So while the actual blog entries that are stored on my web server are in UTC format, the key that I use is in local time. Well, I get into Boston, and, lo and behold, I have new entries! ;)

It's no big deal to fix. Just change the key to something that it UTC-based, or make it a GUID. Funny, though, that it took traveling to a different time zone to discover the bug!

* Posted at 10.15.2004 11:30:34 PM CST | Link *

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