Mail-in Rebates

Friday I ran to the "new" Verizon Wireless store down the road. Liz dropped her cell phone and it was in two pieces so she needed something to replace it. I looked around and found something for her that would work well. Of course, it had the "mail-in rebate" plan. You know, cut the bar codes off the box, send in a receipt and wait a while to see some money come back.

Part of me wishes that companies would just give us the money off of the product, but of course they're doing this because they know people don't spend the time to fill out the stuff and send it in. I always do. If I can get $50 out of a company just by sending in a piece of the box that the product came it, then so be it. Of course, I pay our credit card off every month in full so I don't have a ton of floating interest sitting there either. Our credit card company must hate us because they don't make a dime off of us - in fact, we actually make money off of them via their points reimbursement plan.


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