Vacationing in the Mosquito-Infested Land Mass Known As "Wisconsin"

I've been in Wisconsin the past couple of days with the family on vacation. I'm amazed at the sheer volume of skeeters flying amock here. You sit still for 1 second and they've sucked you dry.

The vacation has been pretty much like every Wisconsin vacation: running around to visit every family member and friend we can without stressing the boys out. So far it's going good - I'm having a good time. I might be able to get some golf in with a nephew of mine tomorrow (weather permitting). I haven't hit a ball in nearly a it might be an adventure (unless the vampire-like skeeters leave me for dead on the 1st tee box).

Liz and I got an unexpected break tonight. We were told after dinner to "go to a movie" - i.e. get the hell out of the house to have some free time together. So we sprinted out of the house and walked around a mall for a couple of hours. I actually enjoyed it - we talked about a lot of stuff and most of it wasn't related to the boys either.

Oh, and speaking of the boys...yes, Hayden is cute, but I have to say, lately Ryan is just flat-out adorable. Just trust me on this.

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