Looking Back On...My Hair (?)

To ensure that my blog is not just a "techie-geek" blog, and to give me an excuse to use my printer/scanner/fax/toaster/washer/drier toy, I've decided to create a series of "Whatever Happened To..." articles. They'll center around all sorts of things, but I've realized that the first article has to deal with my hair. You see, most people have only known me with no hair as I've shaved my heard for the past 10 years. However, when I was in high school and college...well, let's just say those were dark, dark times. However, because a lot of my pictures that I want to use in this series have me in them with these wonderful hair styles, I might as well get those hair pictures out there first so you can laugh at them (and possibly send them to Fark.com as a "photoshop this" entry).

I have straight hair, and until I turned 14 I had the traditional short hair cut - nothing special. However, around high school I started to "rebel" and grow my hair longer. My parents actually tolerated this (much to my suprise) but my mom said, "you're not going to have long, greasy straight hair; you're getting a perm so it looks nice." OK, whatever I need to do to have long hair, I'll do it. Unfortunately, I got obsessed with my hair: I hairsprayed the hell out of it, I bleached it, I teased it - I ended up looking like Bon Jovi's stylist practiced on me:

Scary...very scary. By the time I hit college, I decided to tone down the dye jobs and the perms and I started to let it fall to the sides:

By the time I was a senior, though, I realized my hair was starting to fall out, and so in my last act of hair rebellion I shaved the sides of my head:

That's about it in terms of crazy hair. I eventually got a short hair cut in grad school, and when I got out of college I started the practice of shaving my head. So that's where all my hair went!

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