Updated the .NET Languages Page

Today's been kind of slow, so I updated my .NET languages page. This page is meant to be a reference of the available compilers along with any pertinent information. At the time when I published this, there wasn't any good information on all of the .NET languages. However, GotDotNet now has a workspace dedicated to .NET languages. Admittedly, their list is larger than mine, so I probably won't make any more updates to this page (although I hope they end up including C-omega and Nemerle).

It'll be interesting to see how and/or when these vendors/products start addressing .NET 2.0. Overall, I think the new features should be a welcome addition for some languages (e.g. generics). However, let's face it - most people programming in the .NET Framework either through C# or VB .NET. I just don't see a lot of people grabbing on to Eiffel for .NET or Nemerle even though they have some very powerful features and ideas within. It's still an area of .NET that I pay close attention to as I feel that some of these features may end up in the mainstream .NET languages sometime in the future.

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