Dead at 41

Yesterday I got news that a stepbrother of mine died. Now, please don't send condolenses, because I never met the guy ;). It's a weird situation: his father was my biological mother's 2nd husband (this sounds like a line from the movie, "Spaceballs", doesn't it? "So what does that make us? Absolutely nothing!"). I only saw him twice for about 10 seconds, and I never talked to him. The reason I bring him up, though, is that he died at a fairly young age all due to his depencency on drugs and alcohol. I'm all for moderation, but he was hardcore - no doubt about it. It does show just how much you can screw up your life if your addictions overwhelm you. He didn't have the greatest of childhoods (his mother (not my biologicaly mother - you still following all of this?) wasn't the best influence on him), and it also shows how critical it is to get kids on the "right" path.

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