An Unexpected Vacation

Last week I hinted at getting a "nice surprise". Well, it's finally been made public (well, it was announced internally at Magenic so that's good enough!). Basically, Magenic has this program called "Consultant of the Quarter" - each office gets 1 winner, and out of those winners 1 person is picked as the national winner (I think you have to be bald to at least be nominated, but I'm not sure about that...). By some weird quantum fluctuation (or the fact that I washed a lot of the national employee's cars this winter - take your pick), I got the national award, so Liz and I get to go to Magenic's President's Club yearly meeting, which just so happens to be at the The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. The kicker is that the trip is this February, so we had to scramble to get our passports expidited (which is what I was doing last Saturday morning), and coordinate with family in Wisconsin so they can watch the boys when we're gone. But there was no way I was going to turn down a gift like this! Thankfully, Liz's family has graciously offered to watch Hayden and Ryan (and this way my family in Wisconsin can see the boys while we're going), so all we're waiting for now is our passports to show up in the mail.

In the last year or two Magenic has started to develop programs to intice consultants into staying and joining the company. Tuition reimbursement, training,'s pretty nice. I've always enjoyed working for the company (I mean, I've been with them now for, what, 6 years, so something has to be clicking), but to see an effort to try and get more recognition and support to the consultants is a good thing in my book. If you're a software developer/consultant who's into Microsoft technologies, check them out - we're always looking for people with excellent technical and communication skills.

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