Why I Don't Care About Sports Anymore

While I am watching the Packers tonight, I have lost pretty much all interest in any sport. The arrogant attitudes displayed by athletes who think they're above the law and deserve millions of dollars to throw a football or catch a baseball is abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. I can't stand athletes who have drug charges dropped or their sentences are severely reduced. Hell, if I was picked up for possessing drugs, I'd have my ass thrown in jail. No change of me being able to delay my sentence "until the season ends." Granted, I understand not all athletes are jerks, but I have just lost interest in watching a guy tackle someone after they gained 15 yards and act like they just made the greatest play ever seen on a football field.

OK, enough complaining - gotta get the slides done!

* Posted at 10.11.2004 08:33:22 PM CST | Link *

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