Why I Hate Politics

Andrew points to an Ann Coulter. There are a number of things that are clearly illustrated via her article:

One, she's a dumbass whose only purpose is to write books and articles that incite people and nothing more.

Two, politics suck. It doesn't matter what side you're on - it sucks. It's not about the truth and it's not about expressing your good points and what you intend to do when you're in office; it's about ripping the crap out of your opponent while you try not to look like you're doing that. (Both Bush and Kerry did this).

Three, what's wrong with flip-flopping? This was a big issue Bush kept on levelling against Kerry, and it got old quickly. Ideally, I get that if a politician is merely changing their positions just to gain votes, that's a little cheap (although understandable when you realize that every politician lies). But what's wrong with changing your position? I've done that a number of times in my life. My views on religion, science, politics, finances, relationships...they've all changed throughout my life, and I don't feel one bit guilty about doing so. You grow older, you (hopefully) get wiser. I would hate to lead a life where, once I took a stand on an issue, I was incapable of changing my mind on that issue. I hope the whole flip-flopping thing just goes away, but then again, see my 2nd point - I wish politics would go away as well.

I actually had a weird yet (in my mind) interesting thought on the political process yesterday, but I have to finish the SOA document I'm working on, so I'll defer that until later.

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