Working on the 3.0 Version of FileGenerator

Lutz has informed the add-in writers that a new version of Reflector is coming that includes potentially breaking changes. It's nice that he gives us time to update our add-ins before he releases the breaking version. I'm to the point where my code compiles, but the file generation...isn't working quite right. I think I know where the issue is - Lutz removed a type in 4.2 that I use in my code but he included a replacement class in an e-mail that we could use. Unfortunately...I deleted that e-mail, so I'm waiting for Lutz to send me the code. I'm also going to add some features to the code base once things are back in working order.

This is the start to organizing my major code drops on my site. Right now I have a number of small code projects on my site, but I really don't have any organization around that. Once the new version of Reflector is released, I'll demonstrate what I'm getting at. Don't get your hopes up - all I'm doing is creating pages for each code project. But this should really help in having clear points to link to and find the little outside projects I work on when I have time.

* Posted at 01.10.2006 07:57:32 PM CST | Link *

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