Eco Talks About The Scientific Method

Umberto Eco talks about the scientific method and its' ability to correct itself. This is a nice summation of why I think creationism in any and all of its' forms is simply not a scientific endeavour. When was the last time you heard a creationist admit that one of their "theories" was wrong? [1] That's one of the key problems of creationism: it cannot be falsifiable, and while that sounds good, it's a really bad thing. It's not a theory that said, "OK, here's an idea, let's see what happens when we mount evidence against it." It's, "There has to be a creator, so let's do whatever we can to make it look like we have evidence to defend it."

[1] Now that I've said it, I'm sure someone will find an example :)

* Posted at 09.20.2004 02:29:56 PM CST | Link *

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