More Reasons Why Swallowing Exceptions is Not a Good Idea

Here's an excellent blog entry on why swallowing exceptions is not a good idea. I have to admit that I've done this in the past (both far and recent), primarily in the case where a method call throws an exception and I can't crash (because it's in a WinService that has to stay up to service request, for example). However, I no longer believe this is a good practice, even in this case. Just logging the exception is not good enough. Rethrow the exception (via throw, not throw {object reference}!), or wrap it up as the inner exception in another exception. Of course, this is assuming that the development group has aggressive testing practices in place to catch a lot of bugs before it's released into production and that their code base is resilient enough to handle known exceptional cases. If you're just looking for an exception, you're trying to handle an unknown case, and that's dangerous.

* Posted at 06.15.2006 08:25:54 AM CST | Link *

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