In the past, I've been nominated to be an Microsoft MVP, but for whatever reason(s) I didn't get it. It's never bothered me - I mean, it would be another nice thing on the resume but not having it has never affected my career. This past time around, I got a lot of recommendations from people, and this morning I was told that the acceptance e-mails were going out (and I had received an e-mail from the MS guy a couple of weeks ago asking for full contact information), so I check e-mail...and nothing.

Again, I'm not dissapointed. I would've been surprised if I did get it. There's something I'm just not doing "right" to get the MVP status, and it's a little frustrating to not know what I'm not doing "right", but...oh well.

UPDATE: OK, I stand corrected :). I just got the e-mail saying I'm now an MVP - Visual Developer - Visual C#. w00t! Thanks to Michael Dunn, Michael Rumminer, Cory Smith, and Farhan Muhammad for their help in me getting this.

* Posted at 07.01.2007 09:34:27 AM CST | Link *

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