A Nice, Relaxing Weekend, and ASP Really Sucks!

My weekend in Wisconsin was very refreshing. The only problem is that a neighbor forgot to feed our cats - fortunately, they were OK, but that really bothered me that they were without food and water for a while. They won't be asked again to watch our cats.

One nice thing about this weekend is that I went golfing on Saturday with my father-in-law. I haven't hit a golf ball in nearly 6 months, so I was expecting beatiful shanks and wonderful duffs. Except for one hole, that didn't happen - I shot a 42. Go figure - I must've been more relaxed than I realized.

We also took my niece Jenny to "What a Girl Wants." It was her choice, not mine! The movie was pretty sugary, but it was fun to spoil one of our neices or nephews. We don't get a lot of opportunities to do that now that we live in Minnesota.

I just started up a new gig at a client in the Twin Cities (whoo, hoo! - no more travel for a while). It will be a .NET gig very soon, but they need to get the first iteration done in two weeks, which was prototyped in ASP. If I ever hear anyone complain about anything in ASP.NET, I'll whack them upside the head with a global.asa file. ASP stinks. It's horrible, and it's become painfully obvious now that I've done some ASP.NET and had to revert to ASP. I'm just thankful that this is temporary and that I'll be back in the wonderful world that is .NET very soon.

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