Getting to Work Early

As I get older I'm finding that I'm moving towards being an early bird rather than a night owl. I still have my late-night moments, but overall I tend to get to bed no later than 10 PM these days. Getting to work early is nice because it's quiet and the traffic is pretty light (and I can get a good parking spot, which is critical at the client I'm currently at (as there are literally thousands of people that work there and all they have are parking lots, no garages)).

I'm considering getting into work even earlier. I'm usually in between 7:00 and 7:15 AM, but Monday I got in around 6 AM (the kids got up early and I figured, well, I'm up, I might as well go in). I realize that there's this idea of "core hours" and I don't want to just walk out at 2 PM, but I feel like I can get into my own groove without everyone around. Right now all of the developers are in one open area sitting at what amounts to tables, and frankly I don't like it. I find it distracting to see other people either in front of me or out of the corner of my eye. I know, some people will say that open environments foster great discussions; right now, a lot of us are wearing headphones. I like having my own place (cube, office, call it whatever you want). I feel like I can get a lot more done that way. OK, enough about the work space environment, time to go to bed!

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