Flagged Links #16

"The cost-benefit analysis of bitfields for a collection of booleans" - Sometimes, when you think you've saved space, you may have affected the system in a different way.

"Code Coverage : Use It Wisely" - Code coverage is good, but like every metric it doesn't show everything. And there's always Pex :)

"Kittens on a Slide" - I'm a sucker for cute cat videos.

""I can't believe Microsoft didn't make [Enter API Name Here] public"" - As soon as you make something public, a lot of other factors kick in.

"Gotcha!" - I'm not a cop-hater by any means, but just like every other job out there people can be corrupted, and there are bad cops out there.

"A fluent approach to C# parameter validation" - Readable code is maintainable code.

"The Remains of Detroit" - Contains some very sad pictures of how decimated Detroit is.

"IronScheme 1.0 beta 1 (finally!)" - Nice, Scheme in .NET!

"Exception Filter" - This just gave me some ideas to incorporate fault in any .NET language, along with specifying numeric catch blocks with a specific exception type.

Sadly, FeedDemon is starting to annoy me a bit because it's not remembering the links I flag, so I'm not getting all the interesting links that I find. It's gotta be something I'm doing...

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