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If you've been living in a cave with no internet access for a while now, you probably haven't heard the term "". I won't try to define it here, lest I get skewered by someone for not defining it right. Frankly, I've been avoiding the term like the plague, because I have a huge resistance to saying I believe in or follow anything that a bunch of others do. It's kind of silly, I know, but it comes from my religious history (which is also why I'll never call myself an "evangelist"). I've been reading about those involved in the "movement" (for lack of a better term) and initially it seemed like a bunch of superior-minded-we're-cooler-and-better-than-you arrogant asshats bitching about Microsoft yet using .NET. That was an immediate turn-off.

Now, I'm reading about the latest event in Seattle, and some of the aspects of the event sounded interested. In fact, I'm thinking about having lunch sessions at the the next Code Camp completely community-driven. But I'm still not going to call myself an "alt.netter" or whatever it is. I just don't care about terminology. I just want to get shit done. And it's really ironic because a lot of what they seem to talk about and stand behind are the same things I do as well. But I don't want a label attached to who I am. All I want to do is write the best software I can. That's it. I don't want or need to stand behind a logo or a phrase. If people want to, that's great, knock yourself out. Seriously, I'm not faulting anyone for being part of it. Me, I want to talk about topics independent of a label.

That's all, moving on (and going to sleep).

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