Happiness, Sadness, and Laziness

Well, let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. Liz and I just went through another miscarriage last Friday. That makes #3. I don't know - the best way I can describe what I feel like is frustrated. I'm also getting slightly jealous of couples who can "plan" when they want to get pregnant. Don't get me wrong - I'm happy for anyone who decides to have a family - but we also was going on a "plan" to have our first child turn 1 by now, and that hasn't worked out. Oh, well. We're pretty much convinced at this point that adoption is our only way to ever have a family. We're still going to try to have our own, but it's very taxing, both emotionally and physically, to go through a miscarriage every time we get pregnant.

On the laziness note, I've also been lazy. Damn lazy. In fact, I'm now getting sick of being lazy. To that end, I now will commit myself to stop being so damn lazy and get back on the horse. Start up on the new web site. Think about future book projects. Build new rooms in the basement. Do something! The summer-long vacation is over, and I need to start making good with my free time.

On the happiness note, I've been devouring more books than normal. I read The Hole, which was a quick read, and fairly enjoyable. The ending definitely put a twist on the story, and I ended up re-reading some of the chapters with this new contextural information. I also finished Michael J. Fox's Lucky Man. For some reason, I found this a much more enjoyable read than Armstrong's autobiography. I liked both, but I liked Michael's style - he's quick to poke fun at himself and not take himself too seriously, which I liked. I found myself laughing out loud a lot when I read it (his reaction to finding out that Crispin Glover was going to be in the first "Back to the Future" movie is priceless). I'm currently reading Michael Cunningham's At Home at the End of the World. I loved Flesh and Blood (it's one of my favorite books I've ever read), and so far I really like this one as well.

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