Diving Into WCF

My latest project is doing some dabblings into WCF. I've been cruising the web looking for good resources - here's what I've found:

There's a lot more out there than just this - these are the articles that have quickly got me up to speed on what I want/need to do. I'm especially interested in the extensibility points and what are good practices around that. A lot of material out there is still based on beta/CTP version of WCF/Indigo, but I am amazed at how easy WCF makes connected systems programming. The "ABC" mantra (address, binding, contract) is already drilled into my head, and it needs to be. If you have those three tenents in mind, everything else pretty much falls into place.

I should also mention that it was brutually easy to set up a unit test where I could host the service, dynamically create the channel, and invoke the service. Wow. That floored me! That was so cool. I have to admit, I'm getting pretty jazzed about WCF.

* Posted at 01.19.2007 07:40:21 AM CST | Link *

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