Breaking Changes for Reflector

Just a couple of notes on my Reflector add-in. If you're using my FileGenerator add-in for Reflector and you get a bug, please let me know if you run into issues. Also, I'll be adding more notes into the readme.txt file. As Lutz informed me via e-mail, there will be some framework changes coming up in upcoming versions of Reflector, so I'll have to be very precise in stating which versions of Reflector the add-in supports. Note that if you do run into problems with FileGenerator, I'd suggest recompiling the add-in as the version you have of Reflector (along with the version of the .NET Framework) may not jive with what I've used. That may clear up some issues you are having.

I'll also be making some minor changes to the background threading code in the add-in. It's kind of messy in that it's in the control itself, and that needs to be separated out.

* Posted at 06.14.2004 10:08:45 AM CST | Link *

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