I've seen some posts recently on the idea of a cashless society - meaning, no paper bill or coins. Personally, I don't carry money with me anymore; it's all plastic. The only time I need to exchange money where plastic can't be used is when we pay our babysitter and then I just write her a check. Not having money also prevents me from running over to the vending machine (although I think I need to do a lot more running these days - my weight is getting out of control and I need to lower it, quick!). So whether we get new dollar coins or a new 20$ bill design, I could care less.

Ironically, as I was mulling over this when I got my lunch, I saw a news program where restaurants are now moving to portable credit card machines. Restaurants are one of the few places where you physically give your card to someone, they take it for a couple of minutes, and give it back to you. Who knows what they were doing with it during that time? Of course, one can argue that the same thing goes on during an online transaction, and that's true. I give my credit card number to a web site, and I'm trusting that they don't do nasty, horrible things with it.

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