Spanking Your Wife

This site has to be a joke. a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage, we learn to trust our husbands by trusting God in His choice of mate for us, praying the He will guide our husbands, and behaving ourselves with reverence and obedience so that we bring out the gentle nature in him.

This quote made me burst out laughing:

Moreover, *wife spanking* has probably been going on since shortly after God expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden. It is implied in the last portion of Genesis 3:16 - which, after addressing the difficulties of childbirth, says: “thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”.; After forty years of marriage, my take on the spanking question is that it is less about *obedience* than improving the relationship - of which *obedience* maybe a component. There are simply those times when what needs to be said is beyond the capacity of verbal expression to communicate.

Yeah, like, "who's your daddy?!"

Seriously, either this site is a total farce, or there are some deluded people who still think that women should be "disiplined" and "submissive" in a marriage. That's not why I married Liz, that's for damn sure.

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