If I Purchased a New Computer...

I think I'd get a laptop. I definitely want to get a video capture card as it's fun to let it run while you play XBox and you can get proof of people saying racists things or cheating. I'm all for sticking it right back to someone who's ruining the online experience (I raced against a moron last night named BurnoutKid (I believe that was the gamertag) who asked me if I had a life and did I masturbate all day. Never mind the fact that I pwned his ass in every race...). It's also fun to put together clips when you destroy someone online as a guy I play with online did - check out the video. The best thing is his opponent has the gamertag "Spankabitch" - he may want to reconsider changing his name after he got slapped silly by B SMO0TH.

* Posted at 02.19.2005 11:31:38 AM CST | Link *

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