Tomorrow Morning == Freedom!

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving the house for a while so Liz can get some time trying to manage both kids by herself. Monday is the big day as I'm going back to work so she'll have to wing it all on her own, but we thought a "trial run" would be a good idea (not that she needs "practice" in being a good mother because she's great at that; she just has a c-section so managing Hayden by herself will be "interesting"). So early in the morning I'm out the door. I'll probably hang out a coffee shop that has free wi-fi, read some books, work on some stuff, and watch "The Descent" (and see how long it takes before they kick me out, if at all). Then it's off to the gym for my first workout in a couple of weeks. I miss working out. I had to stop for a bit when Ryan came along, but I have to get back into it.

It's been fun staying at home with the kids, but, honestly, I can't wait to get back to work. I feel like I'm getting cabin fever...

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