Don't Just Watch, Stop Me From Being an Idiot

I read this post and I laughed at the author's recollection of an accident:

This reminds me of my sister's reaction after I was involved in a car accident that was my fault about 15 years ago. I wasn't drunk or tired, but I was daydreaming and ran through a red light. I got t-boned by a car coming the other way. I sustained a concussion, a badly cut ear and a few bumps and bruises; the driver of the other car had a broken leg and worse injuries than I did. When my sister got to the hospital the first thing she said was, "Someone up there was looking out for you." I said, "Really? Then why didn't that 'someone' slap me upside the head and tell me I was about to run a red light to prevent it?"

When I was 15 I got into a really bad car accident. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt - the worst injury was a cut chin the guy in the back seat got when he hit the front seat requiring two stiches. At the time I was wearing my seat belt about 50% of the time. That day I decided to wear it. Was it a miracle? Only if you consider 50/50 odds a "miracle". Was someone watching out for me? If so, why did it let me go down a ditch and hit a tree? [1] Damn it, I liked that car and it was completely totaled!

[1] And please don't comment with, "God was trying to teach you a lesson". Yeah, like I want to believe in a God that wants to purposely main and injure the creations it made just so they learn. And I know the responses to that statement (like, "sometimes you have to let your child touch the oven so they really understand why they shouldn't do it") and the responses to that response, and so on, so let's not go down that road, OK? Thanks.

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