Foundation Beyond Belief

One "criticism" I sometimes hear about atheists/agnostics/etc. is that they're not charitable. I really don't know what kind of weight there is behind such a statement, but I have to admit that I'm not as "charitable" as I could be. Sure, Liz and I will put our old clothes and furniture in the car and make a random run to Goodwill, but there's other things I could do as well. Part of the issue I find is the subversive religious aspects to some charitable organizations to be very annoying (e.g. a homeless shelter that forces (or at least strongly encourages) attendees to go to services and believe in their religion).

Recently I heard of the Foundation Beyond Belief. This sounds like this might be the thing I'm looking for. I'm going to keep a watch on this and hopefully I can contribute to it in whatever ways I can. If you have a similar view that I have, you may want to look into this as well. There's not a lot going on with it right now, but I think it's got a chance to make positive impacts in the world.

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