HDC10 Details Are Now Online

The 2010 edition of Heartland's Developer Conference is now official. You can find all the details about the conference here. I've spoken at the last two events and I've enjoyed the conference. It's now 3 days long with the first day being devoted to "hands-on" labs. The lightning session format that took place last year isn't being done this year. I liked the idea and I'm glad Joe Olsen tried it out, but it didn't seem to go over that well. However, this year the sessions are only 45 minutes long, which I like as it forces the presenter to cut the fluff and get to the point. I've already submitted four session ideas, and this year the community gets to vote on the sessions to influence what gets in and what doesn't. You can see all the sessions here. Here's a list of the sessions I've submitted ... just in case you want to vote on them :):

I hope that I'll be able to speak at HDC again!

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