I'm listening to Geddy Lee's "My Favorite Headache" today, a gem of a CD. As I listened to "Home on the Strange", I heard some odd lyrics that I never really noticed until today: "He's a Canadian icon...he sleeps with his clothes on". Curious, I searched them and found this wonderful interview of Geddy when the CD came out. Check out his description of "Grace to Grace" (BTW Geddy's mother and father are Holocaust survivors):

It is very much inspired by my mother and what she has gone through and people like her, who were victims of the war and had parts of their lives stolen from them. But they don't complain about the stealing. They don't complain about the evil. They accept that they are still here, and they have gone on with their lives and created wonderful possibilities, as difficult as it has been. It is about the evil that fails to recognize the theft of possibilities.

That entire paragraph gives me chills and inspiration at the same time, but that last sentence floors me.

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