Scientific American and Auras

A while back, I read this article and I went, "wow". The reason was this:

The online article doesn't have this picture, so I scanned it in for you to see.

This is what I see.

Well, only about 2-3 times a year. I start to see this weird black-and-white semi-circle "thing", and for about 5-10 minutes I lose some peripheral where the image is. The circle starts to expand out until I can't see it anymore. I don't get migranes with this - usually the worst headaches I get are taken care of with a couple of Advil. In fact, there's no pain when I see this. It's just freakin' annoying!

I've never mentioned it to anyone...because it's really, really hard to describe. I'm not an artist in the drawing/painting sense - stick figures are a challenge for me. So to try and illustrate what it looks like is pretty much impossible...until I saw the article in SciAm. Then I said, "that's exactly what I see!" After reading a bit more in a follow-up editorial letter, it seems like this isn't that uncommon among men, nor does it mean anything serious is going on. I've had this for quite some time (probably since college). It's infrequent, but quite memorable :).

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