Upcoming Side Projects

I've been updating my Resources page with links to code samples I've worked on in the past. Given all the material I've read on refactoring lately ;), I thought I'd pick my Dynamic Proxies project I did in for my "CIL Programming" book to refactor. Since I wrote that book years ago I've seen other proxy/mock implementation pop up, like TypeMock.NET, DynaProx.NET, DynamicProxy and NMock, just to name a few. I'm not updating my code to "compete" with any of these approaches; it's primarily to flex my refactoring muscles (I took a quick look at the code base I wrote and...damn, it's bad!). I also want to make sure the proxy code works with generics as well. I don't know how long this will take as I'm going on vacation next week, but it should be fun to dive into the Emitter classes again.

I'm also working on getting Quixo.NET into a 1.0 version. I updated the board representation code a couple of weeks ago and that sped up the code a fair amount. Now I just need to make the UI more "responsive".

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