I had a good dinner last night at Louise's Italian Cafe. I also had a good glass of J. Lohr cabernet sauvignon with the meal. I'm wondering if the carbos and the wine ended up making me oversleep this morning.

My cell phone has an alarm on it, and it worked this morning. But I must've shut it off during one of my snooze hits, because the next thing I know I'm dreaming about being in Las Vegas (probably due to the fact that I watched some poker event on ESPN before I went to bed) and then my brain realized that something was wrong - I hadn't heard the alarm in a while. I shoot up out of bed, check the clock, and...damnit! It's 9:00 AM! Fortunately, the client is 1 block away, so I was at my desk by 9:15 (and it's not like they're making me punch a clock, either). But I hate oversleeping, even though I've only done it a handfull of times in my life.

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