Hmmmm...I'm intrigued. Of course, like anything in technology I'm a day late to the party, but that's OK. I'm more interested in adding my blog entries as audio rather than text (or a combination of both). The speech recognition idea doesn't seem to be panning out, so I think I'm going to try this. Unfortunately, RSS Bandit doesn't seem to support enclosures as it doesn't pick up the audio files, or maybe I'm just missing something. What would be cool is if I could get the audio file made, have my computer do speech recognition on that, and then post both.

He, he! Even more crap to add to my site!

In all reality, I don't know if I'll start audioblogging anytime soon. I personally like to read rather than hear someone talk, so I'd have to have some way of providing both. It's doable and sounds interesting, but other things are eating up my time.

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