"Did You Hear That So-And-So is Gay?!"...WHO CARES!

I've had a wonderful day updating my NUnit tests to MS UnitTesting tests. I need a diversion.

Anywho, maybe it's just me, but recently it seems like every time I'm working out there's someone on CNN or Fox News either being outed or coming out of the closet about their sexuality. Neil Patrick Harris is gay. Clay Aiken...well, the jury is still out. Ted Haggard is gay (but he'll never admit it). Tom Cruise...I'll let "South Park" get sued on that one. But when I see these "news" stories on the TV screens, I silently think to myself...WHO GIVES A RAT'S ASS?!

I mean, really. Does anyone care anymore about someone's sexual orientation? So big-name-celebrity is gay. Big f-in deal. That means the same thing when big-name-celebrity says they're hetero. In other words, it doesn't matter. Being gay is not right or wrong. It's not good or bad. It's just the way someone is, and it is definitely not news. Finding out that Doogie was gay did nothing to my life, and I bet it did nothing to anyone else's life either. I bet no one cares that I'm hetero, either.

Please don't take this as a dig against anyone's sexuality. If anything, I'm being positive about it. Be happy with who you are. That's all. It's just not news-worthy. I remember when people found out that Rock Hudson and Robert Reed were gay, and they were shocked. Now Neil comes out and says he's gay, and the reaction is, "meh". Yes, times have changed. Times have changed for the better.

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