I Love Surprising Liz

Ever since we had Hayden, Liz hasn't had a night to herself. I mean, I'm a part of the family as much as I can be, but the fact is, she's with him a lot more than I am and she tends to do a lot more with him than I do. So...for Mother's Day this weekend I completely surprised Liz. I had a friend of hers come up from Wisconsin and then I got them a hotel room for Saturday night. It was so funny to see Liz Saturday morning getting anxious, wondering what I had up my sleeve. Needless to say, she was very happy to have a night to herself and not wake up to a kid screaming at 6 in the morning.

It was a bit intimidating for me because I've never had Hayden by myself for a day. Then again, I wasn't nervous either. I had fun with the little guy, and fortunately he didn't wake up until 8 on Sunday so I got time to eat breakfast and have coffee before I had to get him. I did have one slight scare, though. Sunday morning I was throwing his blanket on him to play "where's Hayden?". He loves this game and it's funny to see him try and get the blanket off. However, this time he was sitting in front of the entertainment center, and there are two storage areas in the bottom where we've taken the panels off of the doors. This makes it easier for us to get to his toys, but we've left the doors on (of course, given what I'm about to tell you, I may remove the doors as well...). So I throw the blanket on him and he tries to grab it by leaning backwards. This, of course, makes him fall backwards...right on the door frame...WHAM. I thought, oh....shit. This was one hour before Liz was coming back home, and she's going to see her son with his brains falling out of his head, blood everywhere...or something worse. Well, I bolted out of the chair and went to check him out. Fortunately, when I threw the blanket on him, it also covered the back of his head so that must've cushioned the blow a bit. He whimpered a bit, but he really didn't cry and within seconds he was back to playing.

I understand that kids will bang themselves up and cry and scream and that sometimes they're doing it for attention purposes. This time, though, I thought he has really hurt himself - the WHAM was really loud. But, no blood, no foul.

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