Compiler Lab - Summary

Even though I wasn't able to attend yesterday (although I should be getting a DVD of all the presentations in a week or two), I think it was worth it. It sucked that I missed yesterday as they were going to have a VSIP discussion and future direction talk, but I could barely get out of bed, much less attend a talk (although I'm feeling better today). I really enjoyed the talks and the discussions - they were technical and deep, which is a lot better than a training course on, "here's how I drop a button on a form!", or, "here's how I spawn a thread!" Yawn. The off-line discussions were also interesting - I got more information on coroutines and continuations. I still don't have my head around those topics but I have a better sense as to what's going on. It was also interesting to talk to Jim about previous implementations of Python on .NET and IronPython and why you can't just naively use Reflection to implement a scripting language. You have to do more than that (as the IronPython implementation talk demonstrated).

I said yesterday that I probably wouldn't attend another one. I think that was the sickness talking. If I was feeling better I would have enjoyed it that much more. I would've been able to take advantage of lab time and more off-line discussions. Even though I don't do language implementations, I find that topic interesting, so if I can go to another on in the future I will.

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