Right-To-Left and Painting Issues

The right-to-left/mirroring issues just keep on coming! Here's the latest thing I've ran into:

The previous picture looks "normal", but note that the application itself is in full right-to-left mode. Basically, I rotated the image before I loaded it in the Panel object because the image should not be mirrored, even if the application is right-to-left.

OK, everything is going as planned. But take a look at this screen shot after I make the window a little bit bigger:

Yikes! The painting is getting a bit messed up (although it goes away if I put another application in the front of it and then bring this application back to the forefront). The thing that's concerning me is that if I run the application without mirroring I don't get the same painting problems. Therefore, it feels like using WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL in CreateParams() does something "weird" to the painting code underneath the scenes.

In a way, it's fun being a client where I'm learning tons of stuff, but issues like this drive me slowly batty. As always, if you have any ideas please let me know.

* Posted at 01.05.2005 04:47:18 PM CST | Link *

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