It's Not All Point-and-Click

Andrew blogs about his adventures installing GForge. After lamenting a bit about getting it to work right (including that pesky "-i" argument), he states:

So, is the Microsoft camp the smarter bunch for passing on all the manual installation cycles? Or are they just in the Microsoft camp because they don't understand anything besides 'point-and-click'? I tend to think they're the smarter bunch, and that Linux people just like to feel superior by going through 19 steps to install their software.

I wouldn't say it's all rosy with software installations on Microsoft's OSes, and it doesn't matter if the software comes from Microsoft or another vendor. It's better than what it was 5 years ago, but I think that's due to me being ingrained in the MS world for so long that I'm starting to have some skills in "fixing" busted installed. I know from talking with friends who aren't computer geeks that trying to install software can be a horrendous affair, and it's not limited to a particular OS. A couple of months ago, I had an extremely frustration experience with some HP software. Bits are bits and they can either be your friends or your worst enemy and they don't seem to care if they're running on a machine with Linux of a Mac or XP or whatever OS you have.

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