Twitterank Failure

A while ago a site popped up called Twitterank that would generate a random, useless number to give someone an indicator of how awesome they were on Twitter. At the time, the site required you to enter your user ID and password. The developer claimed that Twitter's API required the password to glean any useful information to calculate the Twitterank.

Of course, this was looked upon by a lot of people with suspicion and skepticism. Personally, I never tried it. I don't trust anyone else with my password in that matter. Sure, "it's just Twitter". Well, I use Twitter to express some of my thoughts, and I'd rather not give those credentials away freely so someone else can start to use it for other purposes.

Anyway, the site is now updated, but it's even more confusing:

So you have two options to generate the number? If I choose the first one, I get a useless number:

Of course, I won't choose the second option that requires the password as it seems like the developer either figured out that you can get the stats without the user's password, or Twitter updated the API. Either way...why would you still have an option on your site like that?

There is a disclaimer at the end of the page, though:

Something seems bogus to me. I wouldn't trust this site with my password. YMMV.

* Posted at 12.09.2008 12:48:52 PM CST | Link *

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