Updating the Laptop

One of the things I've wanted to change on my website is add more organization around some of the more prevalent code projects I've uploaded. Since .NET 2.0 is officially on the scene I'm taking the time to upgrade my laptop to add VS 2005 so I can start moving the code to 2.0 (where needed). To do this, though, I had to clear some space on the hard drive. It's only 40 GB so I had to backup information onto my home machine's machine. Plus, I'm getting Magenic's copy off of their network and that's taking some time. But I have some time today to get this off the TODO list so hopefully I can get it installed before the day is done (although it's taking some time to get the ISO image down).

Liz and I are also planning on taking Hayden to Panera Bread for dinner. Well, actually, we'll feed him before we go and then Liz and I will eat there. We really haven't done a lot with him together in terms of going out to places and we want to start changing that.

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