An Empty XBox Gaming Experience

Last night I set aside some time to get some XBox Live gaming in. Needless to say, the experience was pretty lackluster at best. I put my PRG3 disk in, only to discover that I couldn't find any rooms to race with anyone else. That surprised the hell out of me. I tried Halo2 next, and I got a couple of games in (and I downloaded the 2 new maps), but...after spending about an hour gaming, I I had this really empty feeling of "I-just-wasted-an-hour-of-my-life-with-this."

Oh well.

I think PGR3 has completely sputtered out, and Halo2 has been out now for, what, almost 3 years? I definitely need to load GoW and Oblivion and try some new games. I know that Forza 2 is coming as is Halo3 and I'm really looking forward to those games as well. But the PGR series (especially PGR2) is what drew me back into the console world. I'm hoping that PGR4 (whenever that comes out) brings back the "fun" element that was in PGR2 and was somehow lost in PGR3.

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