Computer Fall Down Go Boom

I walked in this morning and tried to log into my machine at work. Didn't respond to the Ctrl+Alt+Del dance. Mouse wasn't working either. Shut down the computer. Started it back up. Couple of beeping noises, and then the fan gets really loud. Nothing on the screen.


Well, time to find someone at the client's site who is responsible for their PC maintenance and see if they can fix it. Sucks, though. They have another new PC lying around and I can see it now, "Why don't you just grab that one and set that one up?" I could, but that's at least a half-day wasted to get the environment set up right again. Hopefully it's something simple that died (not the hard drive! it's a new PC, for FSM's sake!) and I can be back to coding in VS 2005 (yep, I've finally moved on to the interesting world that is 2.0).

* Posted at 10.25.2005 08:07:53 AM CST | Link *

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