NUnit 2.2 and Nant

I knew that the 2.2 version of NUnit has been available for a while, but I didn't want to install it until my presentation was done last night. So, this morning I upgrade my machine, and it broke my Nant build [1]. It seems like Nant isn't "ready" for NUnit 2.2, although the nightly builds have been updated to support it. Here are two links on the issue:

Basically, either update your version of Nant or fall back to executing NUnit via the exec task. I got the 9/20/2004 build of Nant and that fixed it for me.

[1] At least I'm learning from experience that if it works, don't change your configuration the day before a presentation!

* Posted at 09.22.2004 10:22:45 AM CST | Link *

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