Updating the Main Site...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Likely Story

Now that I have dotnetlanguages.net up and running, I can finally spend some time getting my main site refreshed. I've been saying that for months (or is that years?), but now that I have a good, stable ASP.NET implementation to base my main site off of, it should be easier to convert. The real issue is that I don't want people who have links to get broken links when I update the site. I already know of ways to ease this pain, but the new site will have a completely different look and a new structure. Along with that is a "cleaning-house" task where I'm going to get rid of some links on purpose, like the cats page (I love my cats, but, really, they don't need to be there anymore - I'll probably have a generalized "Photos" links in the future).

Wish me luck - I've put this off for far too long and I need to get it done.

* Posted at 09.12.2004 12:05:45 PM CST | Link *

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