IVs, Ghosts, and .NET Languages

Yesterday Liz had to go to the hospital for an IV. Nothing serious - she has the flu for about 4 days and wasn't able to keep anything down. By Wednesday I was getting worried so we called the doctors and they said to come in. They gave her an IV so we basically sat in a room for 4 hours while it drip-dripped in her arm. Kind of boring actually. The baby wasn't in danger and she never felt contractions but it can't be good when you're pregnant and you're not getting nutrients to the kid.

Last night I played a couple of Halo2 games online with James (good to see his street creds are coming back). One game was slayer and I actually won it - suprised the hell out of me. Back in the lobby, some guy in the room (don't remember who it was) kept complaining about my use (or abuse) of the ghost vehicle, saying that anyone could drive around in a ghost and kill people. Of course, flamebait is so easy to chew on, but I had to say something to this dork (doesn't matter if he was kidding or not), so I stated the blatantly obvious, "So drive it!" Jeeze, it's a weapon in the game, and I like it a lot, and if there wasn't one around I just ran around, watched my back, and tried to kill whatever showed up in front of me. Someone did respond with, "Hey, look, that guy just won the medal for whining!" Nice one :)

I've also been ignoring my .NET languages site. There's so much I want to do with it, but I haven't been motivated to get into it. I promise I'll rectify that after Thanksgiving.

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