A Typo From 11 Years Ago

A couple of days ago I was listening to Peter Gabriel's "Passion" CD - it's music from the movie "The Last Temptation of Christ" (a most excellent movie BTW). The last two songs, "It Is Accomplished" and "Bread and Wine" were played at my wedding as we were walking out [1]. We listed Gabriel in the brochure. Anyway, as I'm looking at the song listing in Media Player...for some reason, my brain recalls some ancient memory of the program, and it tells me, "uh...I think you had the title wrong."

Sure enough, I looked up the program, and I had the song listed at "It Is Finished".


I really don't get how my brain works at times. I have a weird ability of remembering lots of crazy trivia about movies, books, past events, etc. But I have no ability to remember names. If I meet someone and they say, "Hi, I'm Joe", I'll completely forget that 2 seconds later. I have to be around someone for a while before I remember their name.

[1] Actually, that's not technically true. For some reason, the church would not play the music during the service, because it was "secular" or something along those lines. They definitely did not know it came from that horrible anti-Christian movie ;). I would've told them that if they would've asked, but I took the position of "can you just play this after the service is over?" In the end, it worked out nicely as these songs played when people started to walk out, which was good enough.

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