FileGenerator - Update

I made some minor changes to the code base (mostly naming conventions). I also added code to stop getting those annoying e-mails when people try to use the add-in when they're using the 1.0 version of the .NET framework. My add-in uses the FolderBrowseDialog class, which is not available in 1.0, but users fail to read the readme file and end up sending me an error report via e-mail [1]. So...what I've done is hide the Browse button if my add-in can't load FolderBrowseDialog. The user will still be able to specify the directory by typing it in, but they won't get the nice dialog window to make the choice easier.

Click here to get the latest drop.

[1] By the way, if you do get errors, please put a vaild e-mail address in the report window from Reflector. Otherwise I have no way to reply to you. It appears that Reflector doesn't validate the format of the e-mail so make sure you type it in right.

* Posted at 06.22.2005 12:17:31 PM CST | Link *

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